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Our Dispensary

Located in beautiful San Diego County, our dispensary offers the best selection, service and quality medical marijuana products in today’s market... Read More

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Our Strains

Offering a variety of products to meet patient needs, our varieties include Indica, Sativa and Hybrid... Read More

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Have a Seat

We deliver medical marijuana products to patients in the greater North County San Diego area, Including Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Leucadia and Del Mar...Read More

About Us

Marijuana PlantALL STRAINS LAB TESTED FOR POTENCY, PESTICIDES, FUNGICIDES, AND PATHOGENS!! The ONLY collective in San Diego that tests ALL strains for potency and pathogens! Always consistent, best quality medical marijuana available, lab tested and 100% safe for human consumption. Give us a try you won't go back to anything else. First time patient bonus: 1.0 grams medicine, your choice! Call 760-688-2867. Our collective focuses on quality, consistency, and most importantly the safety of our patients. Many patients do not know of the major health concerns caused by improperly grown medical marijuana. Lab testing proves that most medical marijuana on the market today still has pesticides and fertilizers present and can be toxic to human health. Our medical marijuana is grown indoor with methods unconventional to most growers today. All air coming into our indoor gardens is UV treated to prevent mold and pathogens. We use a full spectrum of light that is not provided by high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulbs. Our focus is not on the power of our lights (watts, lumens). Instead, we ensure that all our plants are provided with a full spectrum of light that parallels our sun. To create the safest medicine available, our growers only add water to the plants life cycle for the last four weeks. No pesticides are ever used while our plants have started their blooming or flowering stage......Read More

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