710 Kingpen Battery and Charger

710 Kingpen battery and charger. This is a button activated battery. Simply press and hold down the button to activate it. Press the button 5 times to turn on and off. Each battery and charger comes with a case.

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Does your medical condition make using lighters painful and difficult? Tired of constantly buying expensive butane lighters only to have your friends accidentally pocket them? Some switch to expensive vaporizers, but in our experience, most come back to their cherished … Read More

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Jupiter Research Magnetic Vape Pen Battery and Charger

This pen is a revolutionary new vaping system designed to pick up where all the other batteries and cartridges left off! The Jupiter pen is a elegant fusion of science and design. It is to be used with the Cannabis … Read More

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Varavo Vape Pen Battery and Charger

A simple and easy to use battery. This pen is air activated. Simply screw on your favorite cartridge and take a puff!

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