Blue Dream (Greenhouse) (19.6% THC, .2% CBD)

Blue Dream is a strong uplifting sativa with a unique flavor and scent. It has a berry-like smell and unique smooth taste that keeps you coming back for more. Grown with the same CLEAN GREEN safe growing practices as our … Read More

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Crippling Rhino (Previously tested @ 23.3% THC, .2% CBD)

One of the smoothest Sativa’s on the market today! These nugs are covered in trichomes and very sticky! Crippling Rhino has very nice haze/pine flavor. It provides uplifting effects and is great for daytime use.

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J1 (Previously tested @ 24.1% THC, .1% CBD)

J1 is a high-end strain that is gaining widespread popularity.J1 is a cross between two famous sativas, Skunk #1 and Jack Herer, and is best known for its strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz that allows for mobility. The flowers are emerald … Read More

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L.S.D. (previously tested @ 24.3% THC, .1% CBD)

This strong sativa produces a strong body buzz and cerebral feeling. It has a sweet flavor with pine undertones. It is great for creativity and for producing a happy relaxed feeling.

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Royal Haze ( Greenhouse ) ( 21.1%, .2% CBD )

Royal Haze is a sativa strain bred from Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights genetics. Taking after her Haze parent, this sativa inherits a spicy citrus flavor and buzzing, energetic effects that keep you alert and productive throughout the day.

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Silver Diesel (24.9% THC, .2% CBD)

This is a smooth Sativa that provides strong effects. It is a combination of Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. This strain is also great for daytime use. Great for the patient looking for pain relief without getting too sleepy.

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